REV H2O is a diversified fluids services and management company that has the expertise to provide a solution to your water remediation needs.

Our company has the experience and proven success to design, construct, own , and operate environmental and waste water solutions for a variety of industries including oil & gas, humanitarian, disaster relief, heavy industry and agriculture.  With our long established relationships we are helping to create a new generation of hydro solutions that emphasis the reuse and recycling of one of the world’s most precious assets.

Our expertise can design a system that can either be used in a centralized treatment facility or directly on a remediation site via our mobile trailer based units.  We have the capacity and experience to design system from 30,000 gallons per day to in excess of 3,000,000 gallons per day

REV H2O has the ability to designs systems that are not  a chemical intensive treatment. This eliminates chlorine-resistant contaminants and avoids chlorine byproducts such as Trihalomethanes. REV H2O provides the means and capability to recycle and reclaim contaminated water, for multiple uses, with the convenience of ‘one-stop shopping.’ REV H2O can be the start to finish source and ultimately bridge your operation’s needs with the needs of the environment.

Call REV H2O at 585-662-5738 to see how we can provide a solution custom fit to your water remediation needs.